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日本Furutech FT-903(R) 鍍銠 RCA訊號母座/原廠建議售價NT:1850
$ 64.750
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日本Furutech FT-903(R) 鍍銠 RCA訊號母座/原廠建議售價NT:1850

  FT-903(R) High End Performance RCA socket

料號: 1390 / 會員登入有優惠價格

Alpha 純銅導體 鍍銠


建議配合機箱孔徑 12.2mm~14mm


Furutech makes a wide variety of OEM parts known the world over for their quality construction and superb sound. 
Our engineers examine every part of the signal and power path no matter how small and optimize each and every connection.
Take RCA Sockets:
Furutech’s beautifully finished, beautiful sounding RCA sockets are the result of meticulous engineering and careful audition of various suitable materials. The FT-903 features an α (Alpha) pure copper conductor for minimal impedance and a super heat resistant Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin housing. The superior compound damping material (LCP) is also incorporated into the chassis nut to ensure there is no resonance. The construction of the FT-903 is patent pending and its design is unique to Furutech!


• Main conductor: 24k gold-plated or rhodium-plated α (Alpha) Pure copper conductor
• Insulation Body: Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin
• Central Color Insulation and Color ring: Nylon resin (red/white)
• Chassis nut: Plated Lead Free Copper alloy
• Connections: Soldered


• Specified for core diameters up to 4.5mm
• Dimensions: 16.0φx 40.0 mm (L) overall length approx.

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