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Supra Classic 2.5 speaker wire - 13AWG / 1M

Supra Classic 2.5 speaker wire - 13AWG / 1M

$ 12.950

Shippingtime: 1-2 Days

1M NT:300
6M NT:1600
10M NT:2550

"Supra Classic 2.5 Speaker Cable by the running foot, 13AWG, Tin plated OFC copper, Ion stable PVC Ice Blue Jacket"

The SUPRA Classic series comprises highly flexible cables containing tin plated multi-stranded OFC copper of purity degree 5N, which means >99.999% pure, i.e. purer than five nines. The insulation is a special ion stable PVC which minimizes corrosion of the sonically benign tin surface. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimizing the skin-effect and making less current jumps between the wire surfaces.

This series covers all Hi-Fi applications from low power speakers, such as rear speakers of home theatre systems, to high power systems with long cable lengths.

Ice Blue heat & aging resistant PVC jacket
2 conductor, 320 strands of 0.1mm wire
Tin plated OFC
External size: 3.6mm x 7.3mm
6.8 ohm per kilometer (3280 ft)
0.45 microhenries per meter

MCAP EVO Oil / EVO 油浸電容 3.3uf/450V
$ 14.350
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